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Sunset Sailboats

About Us

We are a family run hotel, who believes in providing a top quality guest experience and value for money. A high percentage of our visitors are from repeat business and from recommendations by our existing customers. We are small enough to treat people as individuals but experienced enough to have the expertise to be proficient in our work. Your stay with us will be one to remember.


Anne Elford.


John Elford.

Coming from demanding working environments the owners of the hotel are keen for their guests to have as relaxing a break as possible. 


The hotel is the culmination of a dream to live and work in an harmonious environment that not only gives people seeking alcohol free holidays a safe place to go but can also train and employ people in early recovery who need that break to build a new life. 

We know that worldwide there are a huge amount of people who share our beliefs and our philosophy and we invite you to come and stay, spend a little time with us and have a great re-energising break.​

For further info call John for a chat on +44(0)7835 299653

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