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If you want to lead your own activities then have a look at the info below:


There is lots to do if you bring your own bike, plan your own route or want to explore as an individual or self directed group. Whatever you choose at the end of the day you can return to our lovely hotel, put your feet up and relax. 

We have various walks, cycle rides and bus travel listed with downloadable maps and route advice. 

Check out the weather forecast here as well as local attractions to visit. The Isle of Wight is a beautiful place with varying places of interest. There are many Island focused websites that have far more info than here. 

As well as the above we will have some in-house activities going on. These are not written in stone and can be influenced by visitors and guests, for instance ad-hoc fellowship meetings welcome.

We have an entertainments licence and a large (ish) TV so can show well-being focussed films (that we have licences for), sporting events, special events and broadcasts (I'm looking forward to the new year fireworks on the big screen) and any significant event that requires a screen. This TV can also be used for guided meditations, educational films and training (when running events) as well as linking in to play relaxing music.

We will also have a small library with a selection of books focused on the world of recovery, one of your hosts has written a few specialist books that have sold world-wide and these will be on view here as well as some well thumbed favourite novels.

No one has to attend any of our activities if they have no desire to.

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