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Books are important to everyone in recovery. Many people consider The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions​ essential in their recovery journey– these are considered the core references for staying sober. Our books focus on these. 


John E

John's interests have led him to dig deeply into the connectivity between recognised teaching methods and the ways in which we learn about twelve step recovery. His work has resulted in highly effective teaching manuals for the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.  More recently, he has studied and defined the close relationships between cognitive behavioural therapy and twelve step recovery, finally debunking the idea that either method is inferior to the other.

The Sponsor's Twelve Step Manual.

For some in early recovery, the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous can be hard to understand. This book applies proven learning techniques to the process of teaching the twelve steps using a simple, highly structured method. 

Sponsors 12 step manual.jpg
Sponors 12 step manual, workbook edition.jpg

The Sponsors Twelve Step Manual. Workbook edition.

Contains the same reference text but with an expanded layout and spaces for readers to record their answers and notes directly into the book.

Available on Amazon in paperback only. Language: English

​El Manual de 12 Pasos del Patrocinador

El Manual de 12 Pasos del Patrocinador es un enfoque independiente para entregar el programa de A.A. Que ayudará a la gente a aprender más rápido y recordar más. El manual utiliza un método de seis puntos de enseñanza (Taxonomía de Bloom) para reforzar el aprendizaje y para aumentar la comprensión y promover la conciencia de los Pasos en toda su extensión.

Usando la taxonomía de Bloom como una poderosa herramienta para ayudar a desarrollar los objetivos de aprendizaje, involucramos el siguiente proceso de aprendizaje:

Este libro ha sido traducido de la versión inglesa a petición de otros. He intentado mi mejor para hacer una buena traducción. Si hay algún error entonces me disculpo.

El Manual de Doce Pasos para Patrocinadores, la edición de referencia de texto en español.

The Sponsors Twelve Traditions Manual.

This Traditions  manual uses the same educational methods  as the Twelve Step manual  to take sponsors and sponsees through the traditions. The book teaches the important concepts of the traditions in a clear and easily understood way.

Twelve Step Recovery and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

In this book, John carefully analyses and compares all the elements of twelve step recovery and cognitive behavioural therapy. This study shows in detail how the objectives of these two methods are actually closely aligned.

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