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Never just stop alcohol or other drugs without seeking medical support first. It can be very dangerous!

Just a quick reminder that we are not a treatment centre or addiction service, we offer retreats for people wanting to kick start / or renew their 12 Step Recovery with a team of people that is outstanding.


If you need medical help please see below. 

Medical Information



Outside Services

SP Bespoke

Our friends at SP specialise in home detox and coming to you. 

Tailor-made solutions to help with Alcohol, Drugs and Underlying Issues

  • Detox

  • Family intervention

  • Legal analysis

  • Mediation service

  • Tailor-made counselling

  • On-going free support

Help across the UK - distance doesn't matter, but time, care and attention does.

Twin Rivers

Need to get away? Our friends in South Africa offer a complete solution.

Twin Rivers Rehab has developed International and National referral and aftercare partnerships- a respected and well recognised recovery brand- a highly affective Dual Diagnosis programme and a reputation as the best option should you be looking for an affordable residential recovery programme for addiction and mental health outside of the UK.

The Edward Myers Unit

An NHS-run, medically managed inpatient detoxification service.

The unit specialises in caring for people with severe and complex medical and/or psychiatric needs who require supervision in a controlled medical environment. A 24-hour planned programme of medical and nursing evaluation, care and treatment is provided to address the complex physical, mental health and behavioural needs of people with substance-related disorders.

All services are confidential


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